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hharralTake advantage of the extensive experience of the firm’s founding principal, Harriet B. Harral, Ph.D.  She has a successful record in working with organizations in many fields including banking, computer technology, education, government, real estate, health care, manufacturing, not-for-profit agencies, pharmaceuticals, publishing, transportation, and utilities. And she knows city government from the inside as training director for the cities of Fort Worth and Jacksonville, Florida. She has continued working with local governments as trainer, facilitator and conflict management consultant.

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Harriet Harral’s Resume


Joining her is Paul K. Harral, recently retiredpharral vice president and editorial page editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and a veteran journalist with more than 40 years of experience in magazines, newspapers, online services, local and network television and video. His experience is not confined only to journalism, however. Harral also was vice president/marketing for Baptist Medical Center in Jacksonville, Florida. He has worked with a variety of non-profit organizations as a facilitator for strategic planning.

Paul Harral’s Resume


Our Associates:

The Harral Group has on-call capability to enlist a number of experts in related fields to bring the best and brightest minds to your needs. Among them:

Carlela K. Vogel, principal in Carlela K. Vogel & Associates, an organizational development and strategic planning firm.

Vogel is a highly experienced non-profit manager, consultant facilitator and strategic planner and community volunteer.

Read Vogel’s resume here.


Greg Kerr, currently a candidate for a Master’s Greg Kerrin Journalism from Texas Christian University, is a highly experienced copy editor with more than twenty years of experience in both domestic and international operations.

He is precise and painstaking in his work and relentless in fact-checking. Copy editors are the last line of defense in any form of publication.

Read Kerr’s resume here.

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